IronClad's extensive warranty service condition

includes unlimited repair & replacement of parts within the stated period, as well as all individual parts warranty by the original manufacturer, honored by IronClad.

Repair service, should they be needed, will be provided at the seller's location within Hong Kong city. In the event of repair request, remote diagnosis will be performed before the buyer brings the faulty system back to the seller's location. The buyer will not need to pay for any placement parts, transportation, or labor involved in the repair and replacement process. Unlimited number of repair and replacement is available within the warranty period.

However, please note that IronClad does not cover any of the following situations:

1)Parts damage due to careless use. Including but not limited to: using extension plugs for main system power resulting in power supply damage; bending of any contact pins; any visable physical damages.

2)Software issues e.g. BIOS/Driver/Windows issues.

3)Any damages to the glass section of the case.

4)After extensive self or third party repair is done on the machine without Ironclad's consent.

In case of dispute, IronClad reserves the right of final discretion.​

Shipping Policy

Free to-door shipping in Hong Kong area. Exception: 

1) buildings without elevators maybe incurr additional charge as per our transport contractor's quote.

2) Restricted area including but not limited to New Territory villages and border area. (Delivery to edge of these areas are possible)

3) All island locations. (Delivery to closest pier is possible)

For Macau customers, we will ship via SF express (Paid by receiver)

Standard Shipping time: within 5 to 10 working days

Refund Policy

Customers may return products within 7 days of delivery and recevice refund. A service charge of 20% of the total refund will be charged on return. Products must be in working condition with no physical or otherwise damages, with the original packaging intact, to be eligible for refund.

Refund before delivery will incurr a 30% service charge.