We offer free door-to-door shipping for Hong Kong customers,
except for buildings without elevators, which may incur an additional
charge. Restricted areas may also incur additional charges. All island
locations can be delivered to the closest pier. Delivery is made after
7pm each day by default, when most people have returned from work.

For Hong Kong customers, we will notify you via WhatsApp on the day of delivery. You can also ask our staff for expected delivery dates.

Yes, you can contact our staff to arrange a special delivery time without extra charges. (Hong Kong Customers Only)

For customers located in Hong Kong, your order will arrive within to 10 days after it's confirmed.

For customers located in the United States, the standard delivery time is within 21 days after confirmation of the order. Package tracking is available for US customers.


Our warranty covers unlimited repair and replacement of parts within the stated period. All individual parts warranty by the original manufacturer is also honored by IronClad.

Labor warranty covers any labor cost during our service, while parts warranty covers the replacement of faulty parts.

We offer a standard 1-year labor warranty on all of our machines with an option to upgrade to a 3-year labor warranty.

All parts come with at least a 3-year warranty with the exception of special promo sets or refurbished parts. Some parts have longer than 3-year warranties (e.g., RAM usually has product lifetime warranty, power supply has between 5 to 10 years depending on the brand).

No, you don't need to register your warranty. We keep track of all warranties internally, so you can simply contact us if you need to make a warranty claim.

If repair service is needed, it will be provided at the seller's location within Hong Kong City. Before the buyer brings the faulty system back to the seller's location, remote diagnosis will be performed. For customers located in the United States, any repair requests will be serviced at our repair location in the United States.

If your PC runs into problem, we will assist you remotely the best we can, and attempt to solve it (if it turns out to be a software problem, or simple hardware problem such as loosened plugs). 

If remote assistance doesn't work, chances are some hardware might be defective. Please understand that defective hardware happens to every
brand and every price point, even if the manufacturer has perfect QC.

For Hong Kong customers, if hardware problem appears in the first 30 days after delivery, we will either send a techinician to fix it for you, or arrange two-way shipping and repair it in our workshop. After 30 days, you will need to return the machine to our shop so that we can diagnose the problem and replace any faulty parts. We will do our best to get the parts ready before you return the machine, and strive to repair it at the same day. However this option is not always available (E.g. parts that are out of production). In that case, standard RMA time may range from 7 to 30 days.

For US customers, we cover shipping for the first 60 days after you received the PC. After 60 days you can send the PC to our service center in US. Repair will usually be completed within 7 days and shipped right back to you. In case there's hard-to-replace parts, standard RMA time may range from 14 to 60 days. 

IronClad does not cover parts damage due to careless use, software issues, damages to the glass section of the case, after extensive self or third-party repair is done on the machine without Ironclad's consent, and any damage caused by natural disasters, power surges, or any other events beyond our control.

Payment and Billing

IronClad accepts Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Apple pay, Google pay through Shopify's payment system (Shop Pay). We also accept AlipayHK, Alipay, Wechat pay, FPS, Union Pay and Payme through QFpay.

Yes, it is safe to use your credit card on IronClad's website. We use industry-standard encryption technology to protect your personal and payment information.

You will be charged for your order at the time of checkout.

Yes, you will receive a receipt for your order via email once your order has been confirmed.


At IronClad, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to building high-quality systems. We use only the most reliable components and materials available to ensure the durability and longevity of our systems. Our technicians rigorously test each component before assembly and thoroughly check the system after assembly to ensure it meets our standards.

By default our machine ships with windows 10 or 11. If you need to install other OS on your system, please feel free to contact our staff and request a different OS. Please note that IronClad cannot offer any remote assistance related to software if the OS installed is not Windows.

Yes, we perform stress testing on all of our systems before they leave our workshop. This includes testing the system's stability under heavy loads and ensuring that all components are working properly. We also offer additional software- specific stress testing upon request.

No, IronClad does not install any bloatware on your system. We understand that bloatware can slow down your computer and reduce your overall experience. Therefore, we make sure that all our systems come with a clean installation of the operating system and essential drivers only. We do not install any unnecessary software or applications without
your consent.

However we will leave our testing and monitoring software on the system for your convenience (such as Msi Afterburner, Aida64, Core Temp etc...) These software will not affect your systems performance but may come in handy during remote diagnosis.